Abstract Submission

Submitted abstracts should provide a clear summary of the context of your study, a statement of the problem, the methods used, key results, and a conclusion. Abstracts should be written as one cohesive paragraph and should be a maximum of 250 words. Please do not include in-text citations or headings in your abstract. When constructing your abstract, please consider the following:


Provide the broader context of your research or project, considering issues and debates within your discipline or field. In naming the location, state your work’s contribution, significance, and relevance outside of its specific place of origin.


Identify the problem, issue, research question, or a gap in critical attention that your submission will explore, examine, and/or investigate.


Explain how your study or project explored or addressed the issue identified. You should describe the research methods, theoretical/analytical approach chosen, and the outcomes of the work you have completed (includes preliminary results for uncompleted projects).


Explain your findings, state your analysis, theorise, or take a stance. Confirm your submission’s contribution to your discipline and the broader disaster risk reduction field. State the practical, theoretical, and research-related implications of your findings.

Abstract Template

Abstract Subsmission