AIWEST-DR is one of the activities that accommodate the dissemination of findings and research results in the field of disaster carried out by TDMRC every year. Implementing the 16th AIWEST-DR in 2024 is a special year, along with the 20th anniversary of IOT. The implementation of the 16th AIWEST-DR presents various resource persons from various national and international institutions to share knowledge and lessons learned and discuss the latest developments and trends in disaster risk reduction. The 16th AIWEST-DR will be held on November 8-9, 2024 in Banda Aceh.

To support AIWEST-DR activities, the committee held an Exhibition, which is part of the 16th AIWEST-DR activities, which are planned to be held from November 8-9, 2024.


  • Disseminate findings and innovations: present the latest findings and innovations in disaster risk reduction to participants and visitors to the exhibition.
  • Expand collaboration networks: provide a platform for participants to interact with exhibits, create collaboration opportunities and exchange ideas with other stakeholders.
  • Introduce new technologies: Present the latest technologies and products in artificial intelligence, disaster monitoring, and other innovative solutions.


The Side Event is an integral part of the 16th AIWEST-DR activities which provides an opportunity for parties and organizations to exchange information and share experiences related to disaster risk reduction.

Side events can take the form of workshops, sharing sessions, which will be held from 8-9 November 2024 on the sidelines of the 16th AIWEST-DR activities.

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